When To Say Goodbye To Your Old Sofa

It is not easy to let go of things in the household that has been a huge part of your life. But, everything must go if it is due. If you have a sofa, knowing when it is time to let go is a must.
Signs That It Is Time To Let Go Of Your Most Loved Sofa
So, is it time to let go? Check the signs below if it is:
 When you change the theme of your home, and sofa seems not matching in it
Changing the theme of the house is common for other households. Sure, they want to live in a home that is not only warmth but artistic and beautiful too. If your sofa seems not fitting to your home theme, letting go is a good idea. You are beautifying your home, hence making sure that everything blend well is a must.
Do not force it, if the sofa does not look good on the ambiance of the house any more, let it go. There are many cheap corner sofas you can choose from, hence thinking twice about saying goodbye to your old sofa is not too hard after all.
Yes, sentimental value is important but if it is not serving your house any good, why keep it? Do whatever it is you want to do with your home, and do not be limited just because your old sofa does not permit you.
 8 years or more
Appliances and furniture have their life expectancy, for sofa, it is said that once it turned 8 years, thinking of changing it is a good idea. But still, it depends on how you use and how often it is being used.
It is not necessarily 8 years, as it still depends on the overall traffic in the home that could decide on how long sofa must be used.